CT1AIC's Movie List
  Title Movie Release Year Running Time Genre Director Country Format Seen It  
Gato Preto, Gato Branco 2001 2 hr 0 mins Comedy Emir Kusturica; Wim Wenders USA DVD Yes Details
Ghosts Of Mars 2001 1 hr 38 mins Action; Horror; Sci-Fi John Carpenter USA DVD No Details
Gladiator (2-Discs) 2000 2 hr 35 mins Drama; Action Ridley Scott UK DVD Yes Details
Gone In 60 Seconds (2000) 2000 1 hr 58 mins Action; Crime; Thriller Dominic Sena USA DVD No Details
Galaxy Quest 1999 1 hr 42 mins Adventure; Comedy; Sci-Fi Dean Parisot USA DVD Yes Details
Get Real 1999 1 hr 50 mins Drama; Romance Simon Shore UK DVD Yes Details
Green Mile, The 1999 3 hr 8 mins Drama; Fantasy Frank Darabont USA DVD No Details
Gingerbread Man, The 1998 1 hr 54 mins Thriller Robert Altman USA DVD No Details
Game, The 1997 2 hr 8 mins Adventure; Mystery; Thriller David Fincher USA DVD No Details
George Of The Jungle 1997 1 hr 32 mins Family; Adventure; Comedy Sam Weisman USA DVD Yes Details
Good Will Hunting 1997 2 hr 6 mins Drama Gus Van Sant USA DVD Yes Details
Galapiats, Les 1970 4 hr 0 mins Adventure Pierre Gaspard-Huit Belgium DVD Yes Details

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