CT1AIC's Movie List
  Title Movie Release Year Running Time Genre Director Country Format Seen It  
Prometheus 3D 2012 2 hr 4 mins Action; Horror; Science Fiction Ridley Scott USA Blu-ray 3D Yes Details
Punisher, The 2004 2 hr 3 mins Action; Crime; Thriller Jonathan Hensleigh USA DVD Yes Details
Passion Of The Christ, The (Widescreen) 2004 2 hr 7 mins Drama Mel Gibson USA DVD-R Yes Details
Polar Express (2-Disc Special Edition) (Widescreen) 2004 1 hr 40 mins Animation; Family Robert Zemeckis USA DVD-R No Details
Pirates Of The Caribbean, The 2003 2 hr 23 mins Action; Adventure Gore Verbinski USA DVD Yes Details
Peter Pan (Widescreen) 2003 1 hr 54 mins Comedy; Family P.J. Hogan USA DVD Yes Details
Panic Room 2002 1 hr 52 mins Crime; Drama; Thriller David Fincher USA DVD No Details
Party At The Palace 2002 3 hr 0 mins Documentary; Music Geoff Posner; Geoffrey Posner UK DVD Yes Details
Prom At The Palace 2002 2 hr 10 mins Documentary; Music Bob Coles UK DVD Yes Details
Pearl Harbor 2001 3 hr 3 mins Drama; Action; War; Romance Michael Bay USA DVD Yes Details
Planet Of The Apes (2001) 2001 2 hr 4 mins Action; Adventure; Sci-Fi Tim Burton USA DVD Yes Details
Patriot, The 2000 2 hr 45 mins Action; Drama; War Roland Emmerich Germany DVD Yes Details
Perfect Storm, The 2000 2 hr 10 mins Adventure; Drama; Action; Thriller Wolfgang Petersen USA DVD Yes Details
Peter Pan (Nutech Digital) 1999 1 hr 0 mins Animation USA DVD No Details
Pitch Black (Unrated) 1999 1 hr 52 mins Horror; Sci-Fi; Thriller David N. Twohy; David Twohy Australia DVD Yes Details
Planets, The (A & E) 1999 6 hr 40 mins Documentary David McNab UK DVD No Details
Practical Magic 1998 1 hr 45 mins Drama; Fantasy; Mystery; Romance Griffin Dunne USA DVD Yes Details
Primary Colors 1998 2 hr 24 mins Comedy; Drama Mike Nichols France DVD Yes Details
Princess Mononoke 1997 2 hr 14 mins Action; Adventure; Animation; Drama; Fantasy Hayao Miyazaki Japan DVD No Details
Pulp Fiction 1994 2 hr 34 mins Crime; Drama Quentin Tarantino USA DVD No Details
Pelican Brief, The 1993 2 hr 21 mins Drama; Mystery; Thriller Alan J. Pakula USA DVD No Details
Planet Of The Apes (1967) 1967 1 hr 52 mins Action; Drama; Sci-Fi Franklin Schaffner; Franklin J. Schaffner USA DVD No Details

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