CT1AIC's Movie List
  Title Movie Release Year Running Time Genre Director Country Format Seen It  
National Treasure (Widescreen) 2004 2 hr 11 mins Action Jon Turteltaub; John Turteltaub USA DVD Yes Details
Next Best Thing, The 2000 1 hr 47 mins Comedy; Drama John Schlesinger USA DVD No Details
Nico And Dani 2000 1 hr 30 mins Comedy; Drama; Romance Cesc Gay; Andrew Davis Spain DVD Yes Details
Ninth Gate, The 2000 2 hr 13 mins Horror; Thriller; Mystery Roman Polanski Spain DVD Yes Details
Nutty Professor II 2000 1 hr 47 mins Comedy; Fantasy Peter Segal; Frank Oz USA DVD Yes Details
Negotiator, The 1998 2 hr 18 mins Action; Drama; Thriller F. Gary Gray Germany DVD No Details
NASA 25 Years Of Triumph and Tragedy 5 Pk (Box Set) 1998 10 hr 0 mins Documentary USA DVD Yes Details
Night With Lou Reed, A 1983 1 hr 0 mins Music Clark Santee; Clarke Santee USA DVD No Details

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