CT1AIC's Movie List
  Title Movie Release Year Running Time Genre Director Country Format Seen It  
Chronicles Of Riddick, The (Widescreen) 2004 2 hr 0 mins Fantasy; Sci-Fi David Twohy; David N. Twohy; David T. Twohy USA DVD Yes Details
Collateral Damage 2001 1 hr 49 mins Action; Thriller Andrew Davis; Ronald Roose USA DVD No Details
Come Undone 2001 1 hr 38 mins Drama; Romance Sebastien Lifshitz; Sébastien Lifshitz; S Lifshitz France DVD Yes Details
Cecil B. Demented 2000 1 hr 28 mins Comedy John Waters France DVD No Details
Cell, The 2000 1 hr 47 mins Sci-Fi; Horror; Thriller Tarsem Singh USA DVD Yes Details
Charlie's Angels 2000 1 hr 39 mins Action; Comedy; Adventure; Mystery McG; Joseph McGinty USA DVD Yes Details
Chicken Run 2000 1 hr 24 mins Animation; Comedy; Family Peter Lord; Nick Park UK DVD Yes Details
Contender, The 2000 2 hr 7 mins Drama; Thriller Rod Lurie USA DVD No Details
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Superbit) 2000 2 hr 0 mins Action; Adventure; Fantasy; Romance Ang Lee Taiwan DVD No Details
Capitães de Abril 2000 2 hr 4 mins Drama Maria de Medeiros Portugal DVD Yes Details
Coral Sea Dreaming - Special Edition 1999 1 hr 22 mins Documentary USA DVD Yes Details
City Of Angels 1998 1 hr 54 mins Drama; Fantasy; Romance Brad Silberling Germany DVD Yes Details
Cube 1998 1 hr 30 mins Horror; Mystery; Sci-Fi; Thriller Vincenzo Natali Canada DVD Yes Details
Conspiracy Theory 1997 2 hr 15 mins Mystery; Romance; Thriller; Drama Richard Donner USA DVD Yes Details
Contact 1997 2 hr 30 mins Drama; Sci-Fi; Mystery Robert Zemeckis USA DVD Yes Details
Cop Land 1997 1 hr 56 mins Crime; Drama; Thriller James Mangold USA DVD No Details
Client, The 1994 2 hr 1 mins Drama; Mystery; Thriller Joel Schumacher USA DVD Yes Details
The Crow 1994 1 hr 41 mins Action; Crime; Fantasy; Thriller Alex Proyas USA DVD Yes Details
Cyborg 2 1993 1 hr 39 mins Action; Sci-Fi Michael Schroeder USA DVD Yes Details
Cape Fear (1991) 1991 2 hr 8 mins Crime; Drama; Horror; Thriller Martin Scorsese; J. Lee Thompson USA DVD No Details
Comin' At Ya (3-D) 1981 1 hr 31 mins Action; Western Ferdinando Baldi Italy DVD Yes Details
Cat From Outer Space, The 1978 1 hr 44 mins Comedy; Family; Sci-Fi Norman Tokar USA DVD Yes Details
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 1977 2 hr 17 mins Adventure; Drama; Sci-Fi Steven Spielberg USA DVD Yes Details
Cape Fear (1962) 1962 1 hr 46 mins Thriller J. Lee Thompson; Martin Scorsese USA DVD No Details

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