CT1AIC's Movie List
  Title Movie Release Year Running Time Genre Director Country Format Seen It  
Thunderbirds (Widescreen) 2004 1 hr 35 mins Action; Adventure; Comedy; Family; Fantasy; Sci-Fi Jonathan Frakes USA DVD Yes Details
Trainspotting 2004 1 hr 34 mins Drama Danny Boyle UK DVD Yes Details
Troy (Widescreen) 2004 2 hr 42 mins Action; Adventure; Drama; Romance; War Wolfgang Petersen USA DVD Yes Details
Terminal, The (Widescreen) 2004 2 hr 9 mins Comedy; Drama Steven Spielberg USA DVD-R Yes Details
Terminator 3 2003 1 hr 49 mins Action; Adventure; Sci-Fi; Thriller Jonathan Mostow USA DVD No Details
Time Machine, The 2002 1 hr 36 mins Action; Adventure; Sci-Fi Simon Wells USA DVD Yes Details
Time Code 2000 1 hr 37 mins Comedy; Drama Mike Figgis USA DVD Yes Details
Tina Turner 2000 2 hr 0 mins Documentary; Music David Mallet USA DVD No Details
Titan A.E. 2000 1 hr 35 mins Animation Don Bluth; Gary Goldman; Art Vitello; Gary L. Goldman USA DVD Yes Details
Traffic 2000 2 hr 27 mins Crime; Drama; Thriller Steven Soderbergh Germany DVD No Details
Talented Mr. Ripley, The 1999 2 hr 18 mins Crime; Drama; Mystery; Thriller Anthony Minghella USA DVD No Details
Tarzan 1999 1 hr 28 mins Animation; Family; Adventure Chris Buck; Kevin Lima; Chris Buck (II); Cameron Crowe USA DVD Yes Details
Three Kings 1999 1 hr 55 mins Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; War David O. Russell USA DVD No Details
Trick 1999 1 hr 30 mins Comedy; Romance Jim Fall USA DVD Yes Details
Tentação 1998 1 hr 55 mins Drama; Romance Joaquim Leitão Portugal DVD No Details
Titanic 1997 3 hr 14 mins Drama; Romance James Cameron USA DVD Yes Details
Time To Kill, A 1996 2 hr 30 mins Drama; Thriller Joel Schumacher USA DVD Yes Details
Tin Cup 1996 2 hr 15 mins Comedy; Drama; Romance Ron Shelton USA DVD Yes Details
Three Tenors In Concert 1994, The 1994 1 hr 52 mins Music William Cosel; Brian Large USA DVD Yes Details
Terminator 2 1991 2 hr 36 mins Sci-Fi; Action; Thriller; Drama James Cameron France DVD Yes Details
Top Gun 1986 1 hr 49 mins Action; Drama; Romance Tony Scott USA DVD Yes Details
Terminator, The (Two Disc Special Edition) 1984 1 hr 47 mins Action; Sci-Fi; Thriller James Cameron USA DVD Yes Details
Tripods - Series 1 1984 2 hr 30 mins Drama; Sci-Fi Graham Theakston; Christopher Barry Australia DVD No Details
Thing, The 1982 1 hr 49 mins Action; Horror; Sci-Fi; Thriller John Carpenter USA DVD Yes Details
Thunderbirds Complete Series Digistack--9-Disc Box Set 1965 27 hr 24 mins Family; Sci-Fi Gerry Anderson; Brian Burgess; David Elliott; David Lane UK DVD No Details
Time Machine (1960) 1960 1 hr 43 mins Adventure; Sci-Fi George Pal USA DVD No Details
Third Man, The 1949 1 hr 44 mins Film-Noir; Mystery; Thriller Carol Reed UK DVD No Details

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