Space 1999 Set 5 - Volume 9&10 (1975)
Genre Sci-Fi
Studio A&E
Movie Release Date 1975
Country UK
Language English
Audience Rating NR
Running Time 5 hr 12 mins
Format DVD
Color Color
Barbara Bain Helena Russell
Martin Landau John Koenig
Geoffrey Bayldon Number Eight
Roger Bizley
Isla Blair
Brian Blessed Mentor
Stacey Dorning
Peter Duncan
Willoughby Goddard
Anouska Hempel
Barry Morse Victor Bergman
Catherine Schell Maya
Tony Anholt Tony Verdeschi (1976-1977)
Nick Tate Capt. Alan Carter
Prentis Hancock Controller Paul Morrow (1975-1976)
Zienia Merton Sandra Benes
Clifton Jones David Kano (1975-1976)
John Hug Bill Fraser (1976-1977)
Nick Brimble Ray Torens
Sarah Bullen Operative Kate
Freddie Jones Dr. Charles Logan
Jeffery Kissoon Dr. Ben Vincent
Leigh Lawson Zarl
Frank Maher Decontamination Operative
Yasuko Nagazumi Yasko
Anton Phillips Dr. Mathias
Director Ray Austin
Director Bob Brooks
Writer Tony Barwick
Writer Johnny Byrne
Director Peter Medak
Director Bob Kellett
Writer Gerry Anderson
Writer Sylvia Anderson
Producer Sylvia Anderson
Producer Fred Freiberger
Director Tom Clegg
Writer Charles Crichton
Producer Gerry Anderson
Musician Derek Wadsworth
Cinematography Frank Watts
An Adventure As Big As The Universe!

A&E Home Video proudly presents the second season of world-renowned producer Gerry Anderson's seminal 1970's sci-fi adventure series… Space 1999. Year Two begins with the addition of Catherine Schell as the alien beauty Maya. With her abilities of molecular transformation - allowing her to transform into various life forms - and advanced scientific knowledge, her presence is an asset to the lost journeying Earthmen of Moonbase Alpha.

Witness the excitement of Space: 1999 as never before! Digitally remastered for a superior DVD presentation from the original 35mm elements! UNCUT, with 12 minutes of additional footage not seen in areas of the U.S. during original broadcast release! Combining elements of science-fiction, adventure and fantasy, Space: 1999 has claimed a worldwide following - finding a life beyond its titled date and securing its place in the 21st century and beyond.

Includes Episodes 25-30:
An orb of light swallows a reconnaissance eagle delivering it to a planet in the throes of a volcanic death. In a desperate attempt to rescue the pilots, Koenig will become the tempest between an alien father and daughter - and a biological computer whose sustenance for power is the human soul.

The Exiles
A swarm of missiles sent from an alien world to wander space for all eternity are pulled into the earth moon's gravitational field. If they detonate, the moon would be obliterated - and all on Moonbase Alpha with it. But are they missiles, or something else? Should the Alphans intervene and question another civilization's judgment? The clock is ticking, and Commander Koenig must decide…

One Moment Of Humanity
The ruthless and cold Zamara (Billie Whitelaw) comes to Moonbase Alpha, denying it the power to sustain itself. She chooses two hostages - Helena and Tony - then spirits them to her home world of Zega. Tony and Helena's principles will be tested in exchange for the knowledge Zamara requires. In a dance of death the secret is revealed!

All That Glisters
In the furthest reaches of space, much needed minerals and elements abundantly found on Earth have become as precious as diamonds. An away team lands to harvest one needed element and encounters a life form vastly different from our own with one exception - the need for water…

Journey To Where
As the galaxies move, a path is opened allowing a transmission from Texas City, Earth to be received by the runaway moon. Centuries have passed on Earth and technology has been acquired to transport the Alphans home. After the device is built and activated, a seismic disturbance on Earth causes a shift in the transport. Now the search for Koenig, Helena, and Carter has begun with all of space - and even time - in speculation.

The Taybor
"Come one, come all… trade one, trade all!" Taybor's the name, trading's his game. Sailling from galaxy to galaxy with an array of wares untold, he carries a license in the fine art of bartering. His ship, the S.S. Emporium, holds many treasures, one of which is a jump drive that could aid the Alphans in getting home. The scales are set to begin the trade, with Taybor wanting Maya as the weighing coin!
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Barcode 733961704037
Region 1
Release Date 26-Feb-02
Packaging Custom Case
Screen Ratio Standard 1.33:1 Color
Audio Tracks ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Mono
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
No. of Disks/Tapes 2