Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Season 3 (1995)
Genre Adventure; Sci-Fi; TV Series
Studio Paramount Pictures
Series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Movie Release Date 1995
Country USA
Language English
Audience Rating NR
Running Time 19 hr 41 mins
Format DVD
Color Color
Avery Brooks Commander Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
Rene Auberjonois Odo
Terry Farrell Commander Jadzia Dax
Cirroc Lofton Jake Sisko
Colm Meaney Miles Edward O'Brien
Armin Shimerman Quark
Alexander Siddig Julian Subatoi Bashir
Nana Visitor Major/Colonel Kira Nerys
Martha Hackett T'Rel
Director Cliff Bole
Director Corey Allen
Writer Gene Roddenberry
Writer Rick Berman
Producer Hans Beimler
Producer Peter Allan Fields
The complete third season on DVD

The 7-disc set features over 20 hours of entertainment!

The entire third season:
  • Exclusively on DVD in this set
  • 26 original broadcast episodes
  • Available for the first time in 5.1 surround

    Episodes Include:

    Disc 1
  • 447 The Search, Part I
  • 448 The Search, Part II
  • 449 The House of Quark
  • 450 Equilibrium

    Disc 2
  • 451 Second Skin
  • 452 The Abandoned
  • 453 Civil Defense
  • 454 Meridian

    Disc 3
  • 455 Defiant
  • 456 Fascination
  • 457 Past Tense, Part I
  • 458 Past Tense, Part II

    Disc 4
  • 459 Life Support
  • 460 Heart of Stone
  • 461 Destiny
  • 462 Prophet Motive

    Disc 5
  • 463 Visionary
  • 464 Distant Voices
  • 466 Through the Looking Glass
  • 465 Improbable Cause

    Disc 6
  • 467 The Die Is Cast
  • 468 Explorers
  • 468 Family Business
  • 470 Shakaar

    Disc 7
  • 471 Facets
  • 472 The Adversary
  • Special Features
  • Episodes
    1 The Search (1)
    2 The Search (2)
    3 The House Of Quark
    4 Equilibrium
    5 Second Skin
    6 The Abandoned
    7 Civil Defense
    8 Meridian
    9 Defiant
    10 Fascination
    11 Past Tense (1)
    12 Past Tense (2)
    13 Life Support
    14 Heart Of Stone
    15 Destiny
    16 Prophet Motive
    17 Visionary
    18 Distant Voices
    19 Through The Looking Glass
    20 Improbable Cause (1)
    21 The Die Is Cast (2)
    22 Explorers
    23 Family Business
    24 Shakaar
    25 Facets
    26 The Adversary
    Disc 1: Includes Five Never-Before-Seen Featurettes:
    the Birth of the Dominion and Beyond
    Executive Producer Ira Steven Behr and Others Discuss the Development of Deep Space Nine's arch Nemesis. Featured In Season 3, The Dominion Plays a Pivotal Role Throughout the Remainder of the Series.
    Michael Westmore's Aliens-Season Three
    Includes a Detailed Look at Ferengis, Kira as a Cardassian, Bashi's Aging Process, and Several Dramatic Changes Created For the Shapeshifter Odo.
    Crew Dossier: Odo
    Features New, Exclusive Interviews With Rene Auberjonois and Others Examining the Unique Character of Odo During the Seven-Year Run of Deep Space Nine.
    Time Travel Files-"Past Tense"
    The Cast and Crew Discuss One of the Series' Most Popular and Poignant Episodes, the Two-Part Saga Past Tense, Whose Social Commentary Mirrored Real-Life Events.
    Sailing Through the Stars: A Special Look At Explorers
    Production Designer Herman Zimmerman and Others Discuss the Creation of the Award-Winning Ship Design Piloted by Benjamin Sisko and Jake. Includes Rarely Seen Photos and Illustrations.
    Chapter Log (Scene Selection)
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    Edition Details
    Distributor Paramount
    Edition Season 3
    Barcode 097360589443
    Region 4
    Release Date 03-Jun-03
    Packaging Custom Case
    Screen Ratio Standard 1.33:1 Color
    Subtitles English
    Audio Tracks ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1
    ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Surround
    Layers Single Side, Dual Layer
    No. of Disks/Tapes 7